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Guild Message of the Day - May 22nd
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Drama News

By: Frozenrage - May 2nd

You call on da beast, you gonna get more dan you bargain for!

Grats to Spec, Venja, General, and Kzman for participating. We bring da pain!

  • Clipe: and clipe ........ just sayin
  • Dijla: lies!!:P
By: Gamaren - March 10th

Cho'gall down... Awesome job everyone!!!


  • Gnrlvulcan: Theres usually 4 blood elves, instead theres only one :(
  • Kzman: ARCHMAGE!!! gz on kill guys freezy carried us with his spirit..
  • Trincap: Are we going after the final boss?
By: Frozenrage - February 23rd

Chimaeron DEAD! Gj healers for keeping it together!

  • Freezy: we have the best healers ever. especially without nims there
  • Gnrlvulcan: Ignore the giant pile of corpses behind us in the water.
  • Clipe: Wtb wowprogress to show us 9/12 stupid thing needs to update.
  • Rfreeman: Drama has some awesome healers! Grats guys!
By: Frozenrage - February 16th

Twilight Ascendant Council down good job everyone! keep up the good work!

  • Freezy: cool!
By: Frozenrage - January 28th

Double dragon Valiona and Theralion DEAD!

  • Rfreeman: Wooo! Grats everyone :)
  • Freezy: i spot 4 blood elves in that picture. who are they? they look the same
  • Dijla: gogo HMs :p
By: Frozenrage - January 13th

Atramedes dead. We killed a blind dragon lol.

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  • Rfreeman: A blind dragon is no joke, but Drama specializes in taking down the blind....Say Whaaaaaaaaa
  • Clipe: kid just needed a hug...
  • Freezy: we need to kill him again
By: Frozenrage - January 12th

Maloriak DEAD! Grab his cauldron and make flasks!

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  • Frozenrage: Can we use him to make flasks?!?!?
  • Freezy: i heard freezy makes flasks
  • Clipe: look at the warlock in T1 /flex killing t11 bosses with t1
By: Frozenrage - January 7th

Short after Wipeotron and Halfus Wyrmbreaker went down the next night. Grats everyone and more boss kills incomming.

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  • Freezy: who is that k00l kat next to the ogre?
  • Rfreeman: Whos the big ugly tree on the left? Oh wait, thats me :O
By: Frozenrage - January 5th

Magmaw down grats everyone on first 25 man boss.

  • Clipe: first day back to raiding this expact as 25 man. and we get first boss on thrid try w00t w00t
  • Freezy: k00l katz
  • Rfreeman: I love our purple hands lol
By: Frozenrage - December 1st

25 man Glory of Icecrown Raider! Way to wrap up the expansion.

  • Frozenrage: Hail to the King baby you know who....
  • Clipe: we worked hard got a great guild achivment. and finished the Xpact on a high note. heres lookign to cata. gogo soem serve firsts.
  • Freezy: who is that n00bsauce on the gryphon?
  • Frozenrage: noobsause freezy=)
  • Rfreeman: Woo hoo! Sexci drakes, Ppl haten on us, but its all good. Haten makes us famous amirite?

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